Negative SEO – What to Do?

The competition for the good places in the Google ranking is tough.

Who wants to sell his products online is dependent on potential customers to be found. Search engine optimization is therefore an elementary part of a professional marketing mix. Numerous agencies live to help your customers achieve better search engine rankings.

What can work in the positive can be, for example, Unfortunately also used for rogue or even criminal manipulations. The so-called „Negative SEO“ aims to massively damage the ranking of affected websites and to displace them from the front spots of the search results. The authors of such measures are either criminally acting competitors or often blackmailers.

Common practice is to make the linkbuilding of the victim look like spamming. That is, That larger quantities of inferior and i.d.R. Similar or similar links on the victim side. U.u. Still compromising tags are set.

Search engines (v.a. Google) register the increases of these links, rank them as link spam and punish the affected side. The damage to pure online retailers can be enormous.

There are countermeasures, but the possibilities are limited.

Steps to Rescue Negative SEO:

– Strong positive SEO
– Monitoring
– Counter-taxes
– Legal issues

Strong positive SEO: the stronger the positive SEO is, the more difficult it will be to harm the ranking. Well, more difficult and certainly not impossible!

Monitoring: It is essential to register at all the ranking is manipulated. If an online retailer notices after a few weeks that the sales break in, it can be too late. If there is an extortionary attempt, special attention has to be paid in the future. There is a great deal of fear of potential victims, so that not every attempt at extortion leads to a real action.

Countercontrols: Strengthening your own positive SEO in the acute case will not bring much, as it will always be easier to put inferior and bad links than good ones. After all, Google offers the option „Invalidate external links in new windowLinks“ (Google Webmastertools account necessary). However, this is not quite a lot of effort, and it will be very difficult to fight an automated linkspamer. Much more remains to the current state.

Legal: The chances to legally go against negative SEO are realistic at zero. Anyone who is behind an action is difficult to prove the effects on the affected side judicially practically impossible, after all, no one knows exactly how Google accurately evaluates. Nevertheless, I think it is important – at least when blackmail intentions behind it – to report and thus to get the problem out of the unknown. It is only then that there is hope that the legislature, the investigating authorities and the search engines will be sensitized to these problems and will try to create useful opportunities for those affected to exercise their rights.